Jeff Hubbard steals the Sandy Beach Challenge 2015

August 24, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: challenging gravity | Photo: Hubboards/Castiglione

When he's not competing in the APB World Tour, Jeff Hubbard always finds time to return to his Hawaiian Islands and win yet another bodyboarding contest.

This time, at the Sandy Beach Challenge, Jeff met Guilherme Tamega, Kahekili Labatte, and David Phillips in the Men's Pro final, held in two-to-five foot surf. The multiple-time world champion returned to the water for the first time since an injury left him landlocked.

"I am really happy to have come back and won my first event. Bodyboarding is blossoming, especially with this tour helping young guys come up and learn to compete, and we have kids that dominate and are better than any guys in the world. Sandy Beach is one of the birthplaces of bodyboarding; Pat Caldwell invented the El Rollo here. I come here a lot to enjoy the vibe with everybody," revealed Hubbard.

"How many times have I meet GT in the finals at this event? I can't even count anymore. Being my first bodyboard contest in over eight months and recovering from my injury, I was really happy just to compete and hang out with all my friends."

In the Women's Pro division, the battle is on with one win each. Karla Costa Taylor and Melanie Bartels are vying for the number one spot. Costa took this one and definitely worked hard for the victory in the disorganized windy lineup. In third place was Summer Hillen, who is holding up in the third spot of the rankings, and can take it all.

In the Junior division, Sandy Beach local Kawika Rohr Kamai is killing it having won both events. The Waimanalo surfer is leading by a large margin. He is one of the very talented young guns of bodyboarding, the future of the sport. In second was Cordon Stapp, third Tanner McDaniel and fourth Matthew Orourke.

Dave Hubbard won both events and leads the Drop-Knee division. The five-time world champion is a master of finding waves and a smooth stylist in the art. Cole Hansen took a second at Sandy Beach, Dayton Wago was third, Crilley ended up in fourth.

Sandy Beach Challenge 2015 | Finals

1. Jeff Hubbard
2. Guilherme Tamega
3. Kahekili Labatte
4. David Phillips

1. Karla Costa Taylor
2. Melanie Bartels
3. Summer Hillen

1. Kawika Rohr Kamai
2. Cordon Stapp
3. Tanner McDaniel
4. Matthew Orourke

1. Dave Hubbard
2. Cole Hansen
3. Dayton Wago
4. Mack Crilley

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