Jeff Hubbard wins the 2010 Jenks Pro

September 5, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Jeff Hubbard: jenked and US bodyboarding champion!

Jeff Hubbard (Kauai, Hawaii/Current World Champ) swept the Scion Jenks Pro and the US National title for the second year in a row by narrowly beating Oahu, Hawaii’s JB Hillen.

They two were followed up by Guilherme Tamega (Brazil/x6 World Champ) and Matt Holtzman (Kauai) who was competing in the Pro division as an Amateur. JB Hillen was the next best thing in the line up next to Jeff Hubbard with huge air roll spins and great barrels.

Jeff’s wave knowledge and big moves edged him above the field however. Title contender Guilherme Tamega had a good chance to take out Jeff but could not get the 8.86 score he needed to win the US title by placing second in the Scion Jenks Pro.

There was a lot of great rides all of which will be seen here. We are so happy with having another year of great waves that we wish we could wake up and do it all over again.

A rull heat-by-heat story will be in US Bodyboard trade magazines later in the month so stand by for more media action from the USA’s best Bodyboarders.

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