Jeff Hubbard wins 2012 Encanto Pro

November 13, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: heading for the world title?

Jeff Hubbard has conquered the 2012 Encanto Pro, at Middles Beach, in Puerto Rico. The 2012 IBA World Tour title will be decided in the Fronton Pro, at the Canary Islands.

Dave Winchester lost his Semifinal heat, in Puerto Rico, against the local star Babby Quinones. Hubbard, who needed crucial points to get closer to first place, defeated Eder Luciano and moved to the final.

In the last heat of the 2012 Encanto Pro, Hubbard met the "dark horse" and managed to get better waves with a total of 16.55 points, against 12.7 points by Babby Quinones.

"I am exhausted. I was excited to surf with Babby. Thanks everyone in Puerto Rico for sharing your waves. Everyone was ripping. Thanks to everyone for the support", said Hubbard.

"I was in focus mode all day. I was trying not to think about the title race or be too distracted by Winnie's performance. It was hard, because he was killing it".

Meanwhile, Pierre Louis Costes is out of the world title race, after a quarter final loss to Eder Luciano. Sacha Specker took the Drop Knee division, while Karla Costa Taylor won the Women's division.

The Hawaiian clinched his third Grand Slam Series event, rocketing him back into the lead on the rankings and putting the pressure back onto Dave Winchester. The Australian bodyboarder will have to improve on a third place finish, if he is to challenge Hubbard for the 2012 world title.

The Fronton Pro has already decided world bodyboarding trophies. The infamous Spanish slab crowned Pierre Louis Costes in a dramatic finish against Jeff Hubbard. Will the Hawaiian get his revenge?

2012 IBA World Tour | Rankings

1. Jeff Hubbard Hawaii - 8440 points
2. Dave Winchester Australia - 8380 points
3. Guilherme Tamega Brazil - 7600 points
4. Pierre Louis Costes France - 7360 points
5. Mitch Rawlins Australia - 6400 points
5. Mark McCarthy Sth Africa - 6400 points
7. Jared Houston Sth Africa - 6060 points
8. Ben Player Australia - 6020 points
9. Amaury Lavernhe Reunion - 5660 points
10. Mike Stewart Hawaii - 5520 points

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