Jeff Hubbard

The final day of the 2008 Sport Chalet Pro saw a different side of Salt Creek! The perfect weather and surf of the day prior switched into a 4 to 5 Californian wind squall. With eight hours of competition left to be run the riders hit the water at 8 am sharp!

Major standouts were California’s own Jeremy Wright who was on a consistent roll from day one all the way to the final.

Other Cali hopefuls such as Nelz Velicido and Ross McBride had bowed out in the quarters due to the trying conditions.

Jeff Hubbard had the highest score of the day in his quarterfinal heat with a roll to barrel to ars that was the highlight of the day’s actions.

Jeff in true Champion form continued his domination on into the finals.

The women’s division saw Vikki Gleason coming back to the competition for her first contest in over seven years for an outstanding performance that landed her in the final.

Also Claudia Ferrari & Leila Ali our two USBA Women's Champion hopefuls also had great performances, which landed them in the finals.

Monica Delamore who was in title contention for the Sport Chalet CA regional tour also made the final with a consistent effort throughout the entire competition!

As the long day of competition progressed it was the amateur’s turn to deal with the now harsh 4 to 6 ft storm surf!

Newcomers to the CA Sport Chalet/USBA venues such as Jay Uehara and Alex Brown had a great first experience with solid combinations throughout the remaining rounds.

Also, Dilan Druz and Travis Smith our two contenders for the USBA AM national title both fell victim to back-to-back heats as they progressed through the 13 to 18 and Open Amateur divisions.

Both competitors managed to make the finals and were equally exhausted at day's end.

Hawaiian Reis Yonoheiro all though not in the title race for the Amateur Open title was putting it all on the line with solid performances heat after heat and took home the win for his first for the year!

When the final heat was tallied it was time to announce the winners of both The 2008 Sport Chalet Salt Creek Pro along with the 2008 USBA and Sport Chalet California regional Champions.

A tear-filled thank you came from this year's Women’s Pro Champion Claudia Ferrari as she had put maximum effort into each of the events she did. Also, a stoked Jeff Hubbard took home his third USBA title in a row forever etching him into the USBA history books.

A stoked Keila Grodzen took home the Sport Chalet USBA CA Women’s regional title over Monica Delamore by a narrow margin.

Announce Jason Bitzer relayed some interesting facts about DK Pro 2008 Champion Brian Steorh prior to handing over the trophy. Brian ten years prior was at the top of the US Tour led as # 2 in the nation but it is in 2008 that he has laid claim to his first national championship title.

Showing us he has a lot of contest left in him for 2009 and beyond. Travis Smith came home with the National Title in his first year competing on the USBA tour and made an announcement that he will be competing as a full-time USBA Pro in 2009!

The USBA is setting its sights towards 2009 and wants to thank all its 08 supports such as Sport Chalet, Bodyglove, SCION, and Ocean current for their amazing continued support!

Men's Pro results

1. Jeff Hubbard
2. Jeremy Wright
3. Joe Grodzen
4. Brian Stoehr

Women's Pro
1. Vikki Reale
2. Claudia Ferrari
3. Monica Delamore
4. Leila Ali

DK Pro
1. Joe Grodzen
2. Jack Me Mehan
3. David Phillips
4. Jacob Romero

AM Open
1. Reis Yoneherio
2. Nick Gero
3. Travis Smith
4. Colin Goodard

AM 13-18
1. Alex Brown
2. Cody Cook
3. Dillon Druz
2. Jay Uehara

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