Jérémy Arnoux: local knowledge pays off | Photo: Picat

Jérémy Arnoux has conquered the Annaëlle Challenge 2014, held off the coast of Finistère, in France.

The most important bodyboarding competition in French waters was run in outstanding maritime conditions. The event is in its fifth edition, but it has never seen waves like these.

The early rounds had riders competing in 35-minute heats, with unlimited waves and the two best scores counting for the overall score.

The grand final narrowed the fleet to four bodyboarders: Alex Uranga, David Le Fèvre, Jérémy Arnoux, and Pierre-Louis Costes.

In 45 minutes, riders delivered a spectacular show of high-performance bodyboarding. The 2014 vice world champion opened the decisive heat with a long left-hand barrel to earn himself a 9.20-point wave.

Alex Uranga, in the same wave, went right, exited the barrel, and pulled a massive backflip to set the tone.

Jérémy Arnoux proved to know the spot well and connected three tricks: backflip, barrel, and El Rollo. Everyone knew it was going to be an epic final.

David Lefèvre, who had time to help a struggling surf photographer, won the fair play award but also had time to steal a few barrels and a backflip. The last minutes proved to be decisive.

Arnoux found a perfect long tube ride and added an El Rollo to a pristine performance, just a few inches away from the dangerous rocks.

Uranga and Costes were able to answer and improve their scores, but the judges had decided their Annaëlle Challenge 2014 champion.

Annaëlle Challenge 2014 | Final Results

1. Jérémy Arnoux
2. Alex Uranga
3. Pierre Louis Costes
4. David Le Fèvre
5. Borja Gainzarain
6. Derek Crater
7. Yves Marie Le Fourn
8. Julien Le Séhan
9. Mickael Kerlir
10. Max Ausina
11. Morgan Le Quellec
12. Laurent Jegoudez
13. Simon Carnot
14. Ghislain Vaginay
15. Adrien Montmeau
16. Germain Romigou (injured)

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