Joana Schenker: she's a Barbie girl on a boogie board | Photo: Barbie

Joana Schenker has been awarded a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll. And it has her looks.

The 2017 APB World Tour champion received a super limited edition - there's actually only one unit, and it now belongs to Schenker - of a fully-equipped Barbie bodyboarder.

Joana Schenker, 31, was one of the ten Portuguese personalities honored with a specially-designed Barbie doll featuring some of their most recognizable characteristics.

The Barbie Awards is an international project by Mattel that celebrates and distinguishes women who inspire children and younger generations in their respective countries.

"Thank you, Barbie. I had never expected to receive a doll like this one. I believe that this is the first Barbie bodyboarder in the world," said Joana Schenker.

Barbie: the famous doll inspired by Joana Schenker is ready to make waves | Photo: Barbie

Persistence Bears Fruit

The winners of the Barbie Awards were publicly announced on the International Day of the Girl Child.

"People should not give up on their dreams because if we want something very much, we have to strive, stay focused and, sooner or later, we will succeed."

"I have been a bodyboarder for 17 years. I have competed for 15 years, and I had to wait 15 years, until 2017, to win the World Tour and make history for Portugal."

"Persistence bears fruit. But it's also important to have fun along that way," concludes Schenker.

The unique miniature Barbie bodyboarder girl wearing a wetsuit and carrying a bodyboard under her arm will, unfortunately, not be available for sale.

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