Joana Schenker: the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard champion | Photo: Joana Sousa

Joana Schenker is the grand winner of the 2015 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETP).

After conquering the Miss Sumol Cup (Ilhavo) and the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival (France), the Portuguese managed to reach the semifinals at the Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience, held in Fajã D'Areia.

A third place finish in Madeira confirmed the back-to-back European bodyboarding title. Schenker, 28, is a bodyboarder from Sagres, in Algarve. She is a multiple-time national champion.

"I am very happy for having accomplished this goal. Advancing into semifinals on the last European Tour of Bodyboard event was enough to be European champion again," wrote an extremely stoked Joana Schenker.

The Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience had great waves. It was the first time the ETB landed on the island. In the end, Jessica Becker defeated Isabela Sousa and raised the event's trophy.

Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience 2015 | Top 4

1. Jessica Becker (BRA)
2. Isabela Sousa (BRA)
3. Joana Schenker (POR)
4. Giselle Caselli (CHI)

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