Joao Barciela wins Bana Bodyboard Air Show 2013

April 19, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Joao Barciela: no fear of the close-outs

Joao Barciela has conquered the inaugural Bana Bodyboard Air Show 2013, in Carcavelos, Portugal.

The local bodyboarder has taken out the local wave. Joao Barciela showed all his aerial skills and talent to clinch the most coveted title.

The first Bana Bodyboard Air Show 2013 is a cash-for-tricks contest, in which the best aerial maneuvers get more money and more chances of taking full glory.

Judges have appreciated an incredible Aerial 360 fully completed by Barciela. They've also considered that the winner had the best wave choice, throughout the event.

"I was very tired in the end of the second round. Then I got out in the water, surfed better and the wind started to blow offshore. I won it and it couldn't get any better", Joao Barciela revealed.

The bodyboarder from Carcavelos won the Bana Bodyboard Air Show 2013 and was followed by António Cardoso and Manuel Centeno. A total of 18 riders were invited to compete in the 4-to-6 foot waves.