Joe Clarke is the 2016 ABA Tour champion

June 27, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Joe Clarke: your new 2016 ABA Tour champion

Joe Clarke is the 2016 Australian bodyboarding champion. Ben Player won the Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro at Whale Beach.

The bodyboarder from the Gold Coast was knocked out early in the last event of the season, but he gathered enough points to get his hands on the ABA Tour title.

"It was a massive sense of relief. I was super anxious as I'd been in that position before where it was out of my hands, and Cramsie was ripping everything to shreds. But now it's over I'm super pumped. It feels incredible to have this elephant off my back!" expressed Joe Clarke.

"What a day! Finally ticked off one of my dreams to take out the Australian Pro Tour among some of the best bodyboarders in the world! Thank you to all the guys at ABA Tour for all your hard work, my sponsors and my friends and family!"

But the ultimate event on the 2016 ABA Tour went down to Ben Player, who used his experience and local knowledge to defeat Dave Winchester in the Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro final.

"It felt really good to win the event yesterday Thanks to everyone for the support," added Player, who didn't join the pros on the APB Tour stop held in Itacoatiara.

The 2016 ABA Tour had four stops: Inverted Dbah Pro, Mystics Pro, Knights Pro and Bodyboard King Pro.

Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro | Final

1. Ben Player, 11.06
2. Dave Winchester, 9.34

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