Jones Russell and Nicole Flemming win 2011 David Gosby Bodyboarding Memorial

March 26, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Town Beach, Port Macquarie: an iconic riding spot

Jones Russell and Nicole Flemming have conquered the 2011 David 'Goose' Gosby Bodyboarding Memorial, held in Town Beach, Port Macquarie, Australia.

The bodyboarding event is run by the Port Macquarie Bodyboarding Association (PMBA) and honours the lives of those friends who are no longer riding with us: Steve Sonter, Nathan Sallustio, Michael Branch, Benny Hall, John Epplestun, Ben Turner, Andrew Turnham and David Gosby.

It a great day of bodyboarding for the locals and prizes were awarded to the best four riders in each division. Rasta King won the Grommets category, Matthew Guignon took first place in the Cadets and Keegan Cronin was the best bodyboarder of the Drop Knee division.

Rasta King was awarded the Perpetual Trophy, as donated by David Gosby’s brother, Andrew, for the best Under 16 performance. He was also awarded a Turbo bodyboard for his troubles, as was each of the other winners of each division.

2011 David 'Goose' Gosby Bodyboarding Memorial | Results

1st Nicole Flemming
2nd Jessi Muir

1st Rasta King
2nd Joe Bourke
3rd Darcy Bourke
4th Zac Dean

1st Matthew Guignon
2nd Luke Favaloro
3rd Nick Ellich
4th Josh Mason

Drop Knee
1st Keegan Cronin
2nd Wes Drew
3rd Damian King
4th Rex Carroll

1st Kurt Gillan
2nd Padyn Dorrington
3rd Zac Young
4th Keelan Pilbeam

Open Men's
1st Jones Russell
2nd Nathan Branch
3rd Charlie Holt
4th Damian King

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