Josh Kleve wins the David Lilienfeld Trials 2013

June 26, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Jason Fowler: white water challenger

Josh Kleve has stolen the David Lilienfeld Trials and secured a golden ticket for the Tand Invitational 2013, at Derde Steen Beach, in South Africa.

Five trialists are heading into the main of the Tand Invitational 2013. Josh Kleve, Jason Fowler, Andrew Raath and Mark Watts, as well as the highest-scoring fifth-placed rider, Bjorn Coetzee, are in.

The completion of the David Lilienfeld Trials puts 16 top performers in the art of bodyboarding right into South Africa's leading high-performance bodyboarding contest.

Big rolls, inverts and ARS on the outside peak were some of the trumps played in Cape Town. Consistent 3-4 foot left- and right-breaking peaks saw Josh Kleve's barrel to roll, which afforded him a high score and placed him in first place.

Louis Henkel, a 14-year-old from Hout Bay, entered the trials and paddled out with courage and determination to make it through his Quarterfinal. He has a bright future ahead.

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