Kahekili Labatte triumphs at the 2012 Scion Jenks Pro

September 11, 2012 | Bodyboarding
2012 Scion Jenks Pro: white water landings

Kahekili Labatte has claimed the 2012 Scion Jenks Pro, Dave Hubbard was crowned the 2012 US Drop Knee champion and Roberta Bitzer conquered her third national title.

The final day of the Scion Jenkinson's Pro came through with Hurricane surf from a far away storm named Michael. The storm could not have sent swell at a better time. With a week of bad weather mixed with good surf, there was only one day left in the ten day waiting period, to run the event.

The day started off with the Amateur divisions, in which Patrick Orr (Hawaii) came away with his first Amateur title, in the 14-18 division. Patrick used smooth airs and rolls to take out the competition.

Tanner McDaniel (Kauai) repeated his 2011 win with another Under 13 title, at the Scion Jenks Pro/Am. In the Drop Knee division, David Hubbard took an early lead, which he held until the horn blew, making him the 2012 US Drop Knee champion, once again.

Sammy Morretino, David Hubbard's under study, surfed well but was not able to dismantle his mentor's game plan and skills.

Izamar Vivas was the winner of the Women's Pro, with a narrow lead over Roberta Bitzer, who placed second to take her third national title on the USBA. Izamar is the first Venezuelan to win a USBA event.

The Pro division was all about Jeff Hubbard, in the early rounds. However, Kahekili Labatte had other plans and posted some major scores, with big back flips, in the early minutes of the heat.

With time ticking away Jeff Hubbard, Jacob Romero and Sammy Morretino tirelessly tried to catch Kahekili, but with no avail. The Maui native took home his first win on the USBA Tour.

2012 Scion Jenks Pro Results:

1. Kahekili Labatte - 15.33
2. Jeff Hubbard - 14.96
3. Sammy Morretino - 14.37
4. Jacob Romero - 11.23

1. Dave Hubbard - 14.17
2. Sammy Morretino - 14
3. Kahekili Labatte - 9.13
4. Jose Cristiano - 8.67

1. Izamar Vivas - 11.83
2. Roberta Bitzer - 11.17
3. Liana Carson - 7.5
4. Lourdes Infante - 3.5