Kalani Lattanzi paddles into history at Puerto Escondido

May 4, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Kalani Lattanzi: biggest paddle-in wave ever on a bodyboard? | Photo: Yana Vaz

One single wave can change a career. One single wave can change the history of a sport. Kalani Lattanzi is the man of the moment for a monstrous ride at Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

It's the Mexican Pipeline, one of the most dangerous waves in the world. But Kalani Lattanzi, a former Latin American champion, was not afraid of paddling into this bomb with his boogie board.

The waves were arriving in the 20-to-30 foot range. Surfers were wiping out in the massive sets. You could smell fear in the air. However, the Maui-born bodyboarder wanted to make history. One, two, three, go!

"I paddled out early in the morning and was kicked out by a giant wave. I returned to the beach without catching any wave. A few hours later, I decided to paddle out again. I just kept thinking I hadn't surfed a single wave. Then the perfect bomb came," Lattanzi told Brazilian TV network Globo.

After bouncing on the wave face, Kalani wiped out. He lost a fin, the board, and swallowed liters of salted water. But didn't lose his life; his peers rejoiced.

"So awesome to see Kalani Lattanzi charging these beasts. That's our Hubboards in Puerto! He was bodysurfing Puerto two days ago, stand up surfing yesterday and bodyboarding it today," commented Jeff Hubbard.

The swell was so powerful that the waves invaded the urban areas, but 3rd May will certainly be a day to remember. Is this the biggest paddle-in wave ever on a bodyboard? Will there be a big wave bodyboarding tour? It should, and Kalani Lattanzi has earned his spot in the riding elite.

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