Karla Costa Taylor and Anastasia Ashley win 2010 Pipeline Women's Pro

April 20, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Karla Costa Taylor: smile, you've won'

Karla Costa Taylor and Anastasia Ashley won the North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women’s Pro today in 3-5 foot surf at the Banzai Pipeline.

Dominant rights were the factor today as strong trade winds swept down the beach pushing the nw swell that came in.

“I worked really hard in the final, I could not find a wave for 8 minutes”, said bodyboarder Taylor. ” I finally took a right and got a score but I never thought I won it. It is nice to be back in Hawaii and competing, this was a good come back after having two kids.”

Taylor is a former World Champion and has won the event twice in it’s 21 year history.

Anastasia Ashley won in the shortboarding division. Ashley who now lives in California is a former Hawaii local. “I think this event is great for the sport. The final was tough, it’s still a tricky reef when it’s smaller and it helped that I have been practicing all week”, said Ashley.

Both Women won $1,000.00 for their efforts. Taylor also took home the Wyland “Aloha Award” for her great attitude and support.

The event is the only Women’s contest at Pipeline and organizers waited until the last day to run the competition.

Heavy winds, big NE swells and massive sand build-up delayed the start. It was the best possible day to hold the contest.

Rochelle Ballard was a stand out in the tribe of 50 girls snagging the best tube ride and a special Wyland award for “best ride”. She ended up in fourth place over all. In second was Paige Alms from Maui, third went to Bailey Nagy, all were from Hawaii. In Bodyboarding Jade Robles, Hawaii 2nd, 3rd went to Sari Ohhara from Japan and fourth Lumar Guittard, Venezuela.

The event is a dedication to the memory of Josie Over.

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