Karla Costa Taylor: on top of the world

After a challenging four-series event tour, Karla Costa Taylor has been crowned the USBA United States National Champion. Karla is a former World Champion that is most known for her radical style and technique. She had planned her come back in 2010 after taking some time off of competitions to have a family. She now has returned, full speed ahead.

Karla showed her commitment to achieving her goals. Taylor won three of the four events on the USBA, United States Bodyboarding Association, Tour.

The North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Pro; The Sports Chalet US Open of Bodyboarding, and the Sandy Beach Pro.

After a great start in the National arena, the decision was made to hit the IBA tour, The International Bodyboarding Association World Tour. Taylor is in 4th place in the World with three events to go, one grand slam and two international competitions.

"I am excited that I still have a chance to win the World Title, but it would depend on a bad result from the current leader, Isabela Souza of Brazil," said Taylor.

"I would have to win the Grand Slam and get high points in the International events to take it. The Canary Island event is in December, so I have time to prepare," exclaimed Karla.

"I am very excited with all that is happening this year. I really never expected to have this come back. I am taking it one step at a time and every victory as it was my first. I hope and wish everyone could experience the joy and love the sport has given me," said Karla.

Karla Costa Taylor is now in Hawaii, training for the rest of the World Tour.

She is a former two-time World Champion. She took the 2000 ISA World Title, and then in 1999, she won the IBA World Title. This is truly a comeback, and her training is going well.

"Hawaii definitely is a place that I feel at home. I have been coming here since I was really young. I have made a lot of friends that I call my family. Now to be representing Hawaii and Brazil in bodyboarding is great. I have a son that was born in Hawaii, Joshua Kalei and I met my Husband in Hawaii, so it feels like home!" said Karla.

Karla's other son Maika Jordan was born in South Africa. Her husband Alistar is a South African and an eight-time champion there. Together they are developing bodyboarding products and promoting the sport.

"Hawaii has so much to offer and good young talent. I hope to help mentor the girls into the sport", said Karla.

"My new website will have tons of information for the girls."

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