Karla Costa Taylor is the 2011 US bodyboarding champion

August 3, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Karla Costa Taylor: beat her and Mike Stewart will give you a brand new board

Karla Costa Taylor pulled off what few competitors have ever done. She won the Science USBA Sandy Beach Pro and launched herself on top of the National tour. With one remaining event, no one can catch her so the title is hers.

United States national bodyboarding champion Taylor did this two times in a row, taking the top cat ranking two years in a row. "Sandy Beach was challenging, the lefts were better than the rights. It was good fun", said Taylor this week.

"The title was important to me, so I just did it. I wanted that title. For me, it is really great training for the World Tour. On the tour you can not make any mistakes." Now, Karla Taylor will concentrate on traveling the World.

"We have some new events on the World Tour, including Puerto Rico. It's exciting to go to new places. It's really exciting for the new girls coming up and we have a few great ones like Hawaiian Summer Hillen."

"Bodyboarding is a fantastic sport and wonderful for my kids. Yesterday, I took my 3-year-old out in the water and today I am training for the tour. It is a challenge but I love it."

Two-time world champion Taylor will make a bid for the IBA World Bodyboarding Tour starting in Portugal, from August 22nd, at the Sintra Pro.