Keahi Parker is obsessed with Pipeline

May 23, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Keahi Parker: he never leaves his black Science board

Keahi Parker is the new star emerging from Mike Stewart's bodyboarding entourage.

The young gun from the Big Island of Hawaii has one thing that might be useful for a future bodyboarding champion. Keahi Parker is obsessed with Pipeline. He likes it when it's dangerous and big.

"I have been living on Oahu for over five years now and have logged an insane amount of hours learning about all the dynamics that make Pipe. Ask any real Pipeline wave rider about missing a day or even a session at firing Pipe and you can see the intensity in their eyes," explains Parker.

Keahi wants to be a future Pipe champion. Meanwhile, he has joined the Science Bodyboards team and, since then, he has been catching long rides, watching and learning with the masters.

Keahi Parker enjoys "the response and durability of polypro, single stringer, and mesh setups for Hawaiian waters. I like to experiment with templates, but stay with 41.5-42 crescent boards".

In the last months, the rider has been training his aerial skills in Hawaiian waters. He will focus on his Physical Therapy degree, but Parker doesn't rule out a future commitment in a sustainable world bodyboarding tour.

Keahi Parker was born on the 22nd May, 1990.

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