Kim Feast wins 2011 Pipeline Pro Drop-Knee title

February 21, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Kim Feast: Pipe DK king

Kim Feast has conquered the Drop-Knee trophy at 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro. The Western Australian bodyboarder from Perth has won his first ever Grand Slam final.

Feast displayed incredible talent at the 4-6 feet backdoor Hawaiian waves. "I am so stoked. This is like a dream. To beat those guys in such good waves makes me even happier and I am not sure what to do from here", said Feast.

"I was supposed to go to University this year, after a year of globetrotting, but now I have some decisions to make. Actually, a sponsor would help me make that decision with some support", he added.

Cesar Bauer, from Peru, took second place. Third place went to Winny and fourth was Miles. The day started with some amazing waves rolling off the famed reef and the best riders in the world relished in the conditions.

Port Macquarie locals Damian King and Mason Rose looked comfy on the rights and both scored big with deep tubes and front-side gaffs.

Kianoa McGee was also impressive as he continued to prove his versatility as one of the world's best watermen, when he continuously dialed up set after set and played hide and seek with the judges.

Portugal's Rui Pereira also showed why he is regarded as one of the best Europeans, with stylish positioning and controlled barrels.

The quarterfinals saw some of the more fancied favorites like Dave Hubbard, Matt Lakey and Ardiel Jimenez exit the event, as the conditions became inconsistent and wave selection became paramount.

The legends final was a masterstroke that showcased a handful of bodyboarding icons from the 90's that had either won the event or played a major role in the development of the sport.

Steve "Bullet" MacKenzie (winner 1996), Michael "Eppo" Eppulstun (winner 1993), Ben " Tube troll" Seversen (winner 1986), Pat "Noodle" Caldwell (inventor of the el-rollo) and Hauoli "Martian" Reeves (vibrant Hawaiian character) showed that they still have the skills that originally made them a household name.

Caldwell lead early, then the Aussie duo of Bullet and Eppo scored deep tubes. Ben Seversen made a late charge, but a deep shack sealed the deal and Bullet walked away as the winner.

"I loved it. Having my family here and surfing against the boys again was such a buzz and I hoped the spectators loved it as much as us", said Bullet.

Eppo was second, Seversen third, Pat claimed fourth and Hauoli was fifth.

2011 IBA DK Pipeline Pro | Results

1. Kim Feast
2. Cesar Bauer
3. Dave Winchester
4. Miles Kauhaahaa