Kuda Ayya conquers the inaugural Villingili Pro

October 24, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Rafiu, Khushruwan, and Amjadh: the podium of the Villingili Pro 2016 | Photo: Nazim/MSSA

Ali Khushruwan Ahmed claimed the Villingili Pro 2016, in the Maldives.

The Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) organized the first ever wave riding competition held on the small island of Villingili. A total of 17 bodyboarders competed in the event, including four local riders.

The Villingili Pro was a one-day contest held using a knockout format. The venue is a hollow right-hand wave that breaks in shallow waters, and on a sharp reef.

The MBBA has been running events in Raalhugandu, in Malé, but the local authorities banned surfing in the spot, and the Maldivian wave riders were forced to choose a new contest site.

Ali Khushruwan, also known as Kuda Ayya, beat Ali Sham Rafiu and won the event. Ali Javed rounded the podium in third, and Lusham Amjadh, who participated for the first time in a surf competition, was considered the rookie of the tournament.

"I'm very happy that it turned out to be a successful event. It has been a year without the competition mode on. I believe 'Villingilli Kanmathi' is one of the best waves here in Maldives for us bodyboarders. When it gets big swells," expressed Kuda Ayya.

"It was tough as it was a competition with man-on-man heats, but also because it was a knockout format. For other bodyboarders, I may say, I have seen good improvements and the excitement they had for the competition was all that we were looking for. And I'd take this opportunity to thank them all."

Villingili Pro 2016 | Results

1. Ali Khushruwan Ahmed
2. Ali Sham Rafiu
3. Ali Javed

Rookie of the Tournament: Lusham Amjadh

Villingili Pro 2016: the first ever surf contest at Villingili | Photo: Nazim/MSSA

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