Kumba West Coast Classic 2012 revamps South African bodyboarding

March 9, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Lamberts Bay: South African bodyboard sanctuary

The Kumba West Coast Classic 2012 is gearing up to be the richest event on the South African Bodyboard Association (SABA) circuit.

This year's pro division prize money adds up to R40.000 with the winner taking home R20.000 in cash. The overall prize money for the event exceed R75.000. The competition has been supported by Kumba Iron Ore, a mining division of Anglo American.

The company is helping Boland Bodyboarding to promote sports and recreation, health and wellness with the aim of promoting positive, mutually beneficial outcomes in the areas where it operates.

The latest big news is that this year's event will be live streamed to the internet, creating lots of excitement for South African bodyboarding. The country will have the opportunity to showcase its talent to the rest of the world.

The Kumba West Coast Classic 2012 will be held as a roaming event spanning over 4-5 days, from 4th-9th April. Like in 2011, the same area of coast will be used for the event, which stretches from the start of the gravel road before Muisbosskerm, to the start of the toll road towards Elandsbay.

The Cederburg Municipality has given the event exclusive access to this area of coast for the duration of the event. A development and pro free surf session will be held when the event is not running or on hold.

This will give the event riders a chance to "adopt a grom" and to give back to the sport. It is also a chance for the local kids to surf with their favorite bodyboarders and have pictures taken with them.

A new division for the local Lamberstbay development riders will be introduced this year. These riders will compete in the main event but in their own division. This will give them a feel for competing in bigger events. Next year, they will slot into the normal divisions.

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