Kymera: no more duck dives?

Jason Woods has just invented a new way of getting fast to the line-up while avoiding several duck dives in giant walls of white water.

The Kymera jet-powered bodyboard is a light watercraft designed for those who would like to experience a new way of riding waves.

Woods has tried three prototypes in three years, but they sank. The new version is ready to hit the waves.

"One summer day, I sat by the shore and realized there were ten times more people onshore milling about than there were out having fun on the water."

The Kymera wants it to be a fun, safe, and personal watercraft that can be compact and used by anyone. It is not intended to compete with jet skis or boats.

Jason Woods started to work on this electrical bodyboard inside his garage, testing materials and propulsion systems.

In a few words, balance speed and weight, and you've just wanted to have a carbon fiber Kymera bodyboard.

This challenging water invention reaches 15mph (24 km/h), depending on the user's weight.

The total weight of the Kymera is around 10 lbs (4.5 kg), including the engine, jet pump, electric start, and intake/exhaust system.

The electric bodyboard can drive you for over two hours with only a quart of 92-octane plus fuel.

"I would argue it’s the most fun you can have for a $1 these days".

The 27-year-old engineer is looking for a company interested in developing his great invention. If you're a bodyboarder or a venture capitalist, send him a hug and encourage him to market Kymera.

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