Lachlan Cramsie: he won his second ABA Tour title at the Mystics Pro | Photo: Surfing Australia

Lachlan Cramsie secured a back-to-back ABA Tour title, in the last event of the season.

The bodyboarder from Queensland beat Liam Lucas in the final of the SWS Mystics Pro, in New South Wales, and successfully defended his crown.

The event got underway in small wave conditions, so it all came down to picking the best waves, and squeezing them to their full potential.

Cramsie, who had already won the second event of the season - the SunZapper Knights Beach Pro - added another trophy to his room, and equals Jake Stone with two Australian titles.

The newly crown Australian bodyboarding champion only got the scores he needed in the last two rides of the final, but he made sure to impress the judges.

With a 9.83 in the pocket, the experienced rider backed it up with an 8.67 score and put Lucas in an inescapable combo territory.

"I'm over the damn moon. What a rollercoaster of weeks competing. I am so stoked to get the win at the Mystics Pro and the overall title 2018. I am speechless!" expressed Cramsie.

The 2018 ABA Tour has come to a close. Liam Lucas (Pro Junior), Lilly Pollard (Women's), and Zachary Armytage (Drop-Knee) have also been crowned champions in the remaining divisions.

2018 SWS Mystics Pro | Final

1. Lachlan Cramsie (QLD) 18.50
2. Liam Lucas (NSW) 5.84

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