Lachlan Cramsie opens the Queensland Association of Bodyboarding Titles with a victory

May 2, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Queensland Association of Bodyboarding Titles: great waves, highly competitive

Lachlan Cramsie has taken out the round one of the Queensland Association of Bodyboarding Titles, at Duranbah Beach, in Australia. Riders from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales competed in ideal conditions.

In the first day of competition, officials and competitors faced testing conditions of torrential rain and squally onshore winds. Not easy, but Gold Coast local, Will Nepia-Murray, was rewarded a perfect 10 points by the judges after a stylishly executed backflip in the final heat of the day.

On day, all bodyboarders had clearer skies, perfect four-six foot peaks and the large wedging ramps which Duranbah is famous for.

After a tough start to the year on the IBA World Tour, 17 year-old and 3-time National Champion, Lachlan Cramsie put a shot over the bow of his rivals and won the Open division, scoring 18 points out of a possible 20.

"Day one was tough, but it was great to make it through and embrace the conditions that day two had to offer. There is a huge amount of talent this year and it is going to be a tough competition so it was great to start the year with a win", said Cramsie.

Jarrah Hamlin who represents the Gold Coast and Headlanders clubs stood out in the Cadets division with his snappy combinations and big moves off set waves. With such a big improvement over the summer break Jarrah is right on track to defend his National Title later this year.

The strongly contested and highly coveted Juniors division was taken out by the Sunshine Coast's Sam Proctor with his loopy rolls and stylish riding.

Shane Griffiths, Gold Coast, proved once again why he is one of the most versatile riders in Australia winning the Drop Knee division with powerful cut backs and long floaters in the testing conditions. Danny Bycroft and Tony Charteris were victorious in Senior mens and masters division respectively.

Queensland Association of Bodyboarding Titles | Round 1

Open Mens
1. Lachlan Cramsie - SCBC
2. Eric Roy - GCBC
3. Silas Garcia - GCBC
4. Will Nepia-Murray - GCBC

Juniors (16/17 years of age)
1. Sam Proctor - SCBC
2. Will Nepia-Murray - GCBC
3. Flynn Hemmsley - SCBC
4. Sam Judd - GCBC

Cadets (14/15 years of age)
1. Jarrah Hamlin - GCBC/Headlanders
2. Ben Gooch - SCBC
3. Tyler Lock - GCBC
4. Michael Arnold - GCBC

Drop Knee
1. Shane Griffiths - GCBC
2. Stevie Lloyd Headlanders/NBC
3. John Gibson - GCBC
4. Liam Peters - GCBC/Headlanders

Men’s (23+ years of age)
1. Danny Bycroft - Headlanders
2. Stevie Lloyd - Headlanders/NBC
3. Gareth Dodd - SCBC
4. Nick Gibbs - GCBC

Masters (35+ years of age)
1. Tony Charteress - GCBC
2. Justin Stewart - GCBC
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