Lachlan Cramsie takes the Arica Chilean Challenge Trials 2013

May 21, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Lachlan Cramsie: finding a landing site

Lachlan Cramsie has stolen the 2013 GoPro IBA Arica Chilean Challenge Trials, in solid and glassy 4-6 foot barreling waves at El Gringo, Chile.

The Australian rider defeated Ruben "Babby" Quiñones, George Humphreys and Roberto Bruno in the final and decisive heat.

Nevertheless, all the best seven trialists secured a spot in the main event, where they will compete against the top 24 Grand Slam Series bodyboarders and event wildcards Alan Espinoza, Jake Stone and Diego Cabrera.

Cramsie will be joined in the main event by Quiñones, Humphreys, Bruno, Renato Arellano, Matías Díaz, Israel Salas and alternate Yoshua Toledo.

The 2013 GoPro IBA Arica Chilean Challenge is celebrating its 10th anniversary and plays an importante role in the 2013 IBA World Tour.

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