Lachlan Cramsie will ride for Nomad Bodyboards

April 14, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Lachlan Cramsie: his new board is already making waves | Photo: Nomad

He is one of the best bodyboarders in Australia. Lachlan Cramsie will ride for Nomad Bodyboards.

Two solid bodyboarding names have teamed up to conquer the world - Cramsie and Nomad. The man and the board unite to attack the APB World Tour title. Is it possible? Sure. Lachlan is only 21 years old, but he is an old-time winner.

His career highlights speak for himself. Cramsie is a national bodyboarding champion, and in the past, he won the King of the Box, the NMD DBah Pro, and the Arica Chilean Trials.

Now, he will be joining Matt Lackey, Michael Novy, and Chris James on the Nomad Bodyboards team. Lachlan is now living in New South Wales' South Coast, and feels "fired up for this year, and stoked with this decision. Bring on the future."

Shane Britten, team manager at Nomad, believes he has long career ahead of him. He is a fantastic Bodyboarder and fierce competitor, and will add a new dynamic to our team. We hope to support him in his competitive endeavors, and also aim to expose more of his free surfing."

The bodyboard brand will market the Lachlan Cramsie's signature model from June 2016.