"Lackey The Movie" to be released in the end of 2009

March 16, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Lackey The Movie

Matt Lackey is proud to announce his new self titled film project, supported by his sponsors Nomad Bodyboards & Limited Edition fins.

The film will explore Lackey’s travel lifestyle, inspirations, peers, and his own amazing ability in the water.

Lackey recently talked to Manny Vargas about his first solo project, “I’ve wanted to work on a film project for a while now. Nomad’s FSD ROAM projects gave me a real taste for it, so this year I wanted to create my own thing. Its going to be a fun project, getting both in front & behind the lens, and having Roach and Aka involved with the film is amazing.”

The film is scheduled for release late 2009. Check out a behind the scenes, hidden camera look at the interview between Lackey, Manny Vargas and Paul Roach discussing the new bodyboard film "Lackey the Movie".

There are plenty of behind the scenes clips to follow over the next 6 months. Stay in touch.

Source: Limited Edition

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