Pipeline Invitational: Jared Houston eyes the prize | Photo: IBA World Tour

Mike Stewart has released the list of the names that will compete at the 2017 Pipeline Invitational.

The iconic event kicks off the 2017 APB World Tour and will see the return of legendary riders to the tubes of the North Shore.

The invitee list includes several former world champions from all bodyboarding eras - the International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Pro Championships, the GOB World Tour, the IBA World Tour, and the APB World Tour.

Mike Stewart (1983-1984, 1987-1992), Guilherme Tamega (1994-1997, 2001-2002), Andre Botha (1998-1999), Paulo Barcellos (2000), and Ben Player (2007, 2013) will join the top seeds at the Pipeline showdown.

The 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational will feature athletes from all corners of the globe. There will be bodyboarders from Mainland USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Reunion Island, Canary Islands, Ireland, Japan, Tahiti, South Africa, and Australia.

T&C Go Big: pro bodyboarders mingle with fans | Photo: T&C

The top-ranked bodyboarding pros will mingle with fans at the 19th Annual T&C Surf "Go Big!" at Pearlridge Uptown Center Court on Saturday, February 25th.

"T&C's Go Big event is a unique opportunity for me and other industry pros to meet and inspire the local youth within the community. Our goal as always is to share the stoke of bodyboarding with as many people as possible and bring family and friends together for this fun and entertaining event," explained Mike Stewart, founder of Science Bodyboards.

The contest is a Men's 2-Star (2000 points), Drop-Knee 1-Star (2000 points), includes Pro Junior and Women's divisions, and gets underway between February 25 and March 10.

2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational | List of Invitees

1. Andre Botha (RSA)
2. Spencer Skipper (HAW)
3. Jake Stone (AUS)
4. Alistair Taylor (RSA)
5. Magno Oliveira (BRA)
6. Paulo Barcellos (BRA)
7. Kainoa McGee (HAW)
8. Solomon Moore (CNY)
9. Brian Wise (USA)
10. Shaun Petersen (AUS)
11. Tupuai Alvino (TAH)
12. Winston McCall (AUS)
13. Seabass Perez (USA)
14. Teamo Raihau (TAH)
15. Happy Zurowski (HAW)
16. Santiago Sanchez (ARG)
17. Alan Lamphere (HAW)
18. Bernardo Tomé (POR)
19. Vijay Maharaj (HAW)
20. Kuko Font (PRI)
21. Alex Kinimaka (HAW)
22. Dan Skajarowski (IRE)
23. Thibault Casabianca (TAH)
24. Yoshida Kondo (JAP)
25. Laury Grenier (REU)
26. Seamus McGoldrick (IRE)
27. Ian McCaulley (HAW)
28. Kahekili Labatte (HAW)
29. Jorge Colomer Hernandez (PRI)
30. Patrick Orr (HAW)
31. Joseph Grodzen (USA)
32. Shayden Schrader (AUS)
33. Matt Meyer (USA)
34. Tsuyoshi Maetama (JAP)
35. Pedro Correia (POR)
36. Nainoa Steward Maui (HAW)
37. Maxime Gateaud (REU)
38. Sean English (HAW)
39. Peter Cosgrove (USA)
40. Mayumi Kondo (JAP)
41. Luis Villalon (PRI)
42. Greg Howlett (AUS)
43. Robert Keyser (HAW)
44. Mike Lucas (USA)
45. Nicolas Poilvet (TAH)
46. Taira Takahashi (JAP)
47. Robert Pellkofer (USA)
48. Callum Layton (AUS)
49. Riley Madigan (USA)
50. Edson Vieira (BRA)
51. Norberto Agostinho (POR)
52. Carlos Hébert (CAN)
53. Keiran Riches (AUS)
54. John Porzuczek (USA)
55. Galdo Gomez Cacho (PRI)
56. Gadiel Ruiz (PRI)
57. Gavin Pellkofer (USA)
58. Blair Dowman (NZL)
59. Collin Davis (USA)
60. Cezar Augusto Freire Fernandes (BRA)
61. Clinton Munoz (USA)
62. Kellen Yamasaki (HAW)

Riders Seeded in the APB World Tour Top 24

1. Ben Player (AUS)
2. Guilherme Tamega (BRA)
3. Rusty Friesen (USA)
4. Trevor Kam (HAW)
5. Abner De Arce (PRI)
6. PJ Tartak (PRI)
7. Andre Bernardo (POR)
8. Sebastian Krefft (CHI)
9. Lucas Faria (BRA)

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