Lewy Finnegan is in "Glewten Free" mode

October 7, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Lewy Finnegan: gluten-free air | Photo: Jennings/Strickland

In 2015, he was the sole representative of Australia in the APB World Tour. Lewy Finnegan is in "Glewten Free" mode, and you can't miss his moves.

The short bodyboarding movie was roughly six months in the making. Tom Jennings and James Strickland followed Finnegan on wave hunting adventures in Western Australia.

After "Teenage Years," Lewy wanted to prove that he could do even better.

And an Australian bodyboarder who hasn't tasted The Right isn't a proper charger. So, you'll see how he copes with the monster.

But there's more. Lewy Finnegan also shows his mature skills at the Mandurah Wedge. Timing and wave face management are definitely his most appreciated strengths.

Get ready to feel inspired by "Glewten Free."

There are waves of all sorts, as well as deep tube rides, 360s, huge airs, and vertical drops. Very nicely filmed and edited, by the way.

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