Lilly Pollard breaks neck and back at Mystics Beach

March 26, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Lilly Pollard: high spirits

Lilly Pollard has broken her neck and back while surfing at Mystics Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

The pro bodyboarder who claimed the APB Pipe Challenge 2014 was taken to the Wollongong Hospital "with pain to her neck, head and lower extremities", according to newspaper the Illawarra Mercury.

The X-ray test shows that Pollard, 32, didn't suffer spinal damage although she remained in a "serious but stable condition".

"The rumours are true. I smacked my head on the sandbar at Mystics today trying to get some chocolate barrels. I've broken my neck and back but thankfully no spinal damage," says Lilly Pollard.

"Lots of rest time for me. Massive thanks to the boys that carefully carried me out of the water. You saved me! Hospital is great. I'm naked and full of ice cream! Woo!"

The Australian bodyboarding legend suffered three fractured vertebrae and will be recovering out of the water in the upcoming months.

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