Lilly Pollard eyes world title despite serious injury

July 18, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Lilly Pollard: she wants the world bodyboarding title

Lilly Pollard will fully recover from six compression fractures in the back and a spinal fracture to the fifth cervical vertebrae. The Australian has returned to the waves, and a maiden world title attempt has not been ruled out.

Pollard was a lucky girl. A serious injury at Mystics Beach, New South Wales, almost put an end to her bodyboarding career. Fortunately, Lilly's spinal cord was untouched, and she started a long recovery process.

"I know that other bodyboarders have not been as lucky as I have. The recovery process has been going great. I was also really conscious to not only rest but to eat the right kinds of foods for bone and muscle repair, I've also been taking supplements for joints and muscles, and then slowly easing my way back into training, stretching and exercise," reveals Pollard.

"I can't risk any kind of impact or wipeouts, and was also advised that swimming is super beneficial, so I've taken to swimming around doing laps in the ocean with my GoPro in hand, snapping off water shots as I go."

Meanwhile, Lilly Pollard has already gone bodyboarding at the Farm. "No barrels or wedges or anything too exciting, but it just felt amazing to simply paddle around on my board."

The Australian pro rider is being disciplined when it comes to stretching, special exercises and diet, because she is looking forward to "surf my favourite kinds of waves in a matter of months.

Lilly Pollard doesn't want to take any risk. She still feels pain in her chest and back, so it's too early to know if she will be able to return to the Women's World Tour to conquer it.

"I'm listening to my body, and I definitely know that right now my body is saying no, but if, by chance, I do feel a significant improvement in the coming weeks I will reconsider going."

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