Lionel Medina: the bodyboarder scored a Perfect 10-point wave at the 2021 Quemao Class | Photo: Quemao Class

Lionel Medina and Natxo Gonzalez have taken out the 2021 Quemao Class in La Santa, Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.

The Spanish slab has once again delivered the goods to produce one of the most exciting wave-riding invitational events on the planet.

This year's edition was a tribute to the late David Infante "El Fula," the surfer who lost his life on January 1, 2009, riding El Quemao.

The quality of the wave, athletes, and rides raised the bar to what a bodyboarding and surfing competition should be - action, pure and simple.

The contest waited for the best conditions to align and, in two days, crowned two highly skilled performers.

El Quemao: one of the best slabs in Europe | Photo: Quemao Class

The Bodyboarding Final

The bodyboarding final had four riders from the Canary Islands battling for victory at El Quemao.

Armides Soliveres and Lionel Medina from Gran Canaria, La Santa local Pablo Lecouey, and Aitor Ojeda representing Fuerteventura

Medina, the winner of the 2020 Frontón King, put out a near-perfect performance with a 10-point and a 9.35-point ride.

"It's been incredible. What a stunning bodyboarding show! To win this event makes me continue to believe that anything is possible by putting enthusiasm and joy in it!" said Medina.

"I scored my first Perfect 10 in the final, so I'm speechless. Thank you for inviting me this year and being able to compete against the best."

"It certainly was the best event of my life and the greatest achievement of his career."

Lecouey finished runner-up and secured the award for the best bodyboarding maneuver of the whole event.

"I'm stoked. It's my best result so far, and it was great to do it at home in front of my people and family. I hope I can repeat the feat next year," expressed Pablo Lecouey.

The Surfing Showdown

The 2021 Quemao Class surfing final featured Hugo Ortega from Barcelona, Marc Lacomare from France, Tim Elter from Fuerteventura, and Natxo Gonzalez from the Basque Country.

After a very close final with incredible performances, Gonzalez locked in two Perfect 10-point waves to claim the trophy.

"When you are invited to the Quemao Class, you feel like the lucky one," stated Gonzalez.

"It's unbelievable to be able to come and compete in one of the best waves in the world and have it for you and only three other people."

In addition, Natxo also won the best wave of the event award.

Fran Saenz, the organizer of the Quemao Class, highlighted the importance of this contest which has just completed its sixth edition.

"It has been really emotional to be able to celebrate and enjoy this event along with the support of all the people of La Santa, the competitors, and the quality of the waves," concluded Saenz.

"Next year, we will be here again to tell 'El Fula' that we have been here for him and that this event is made for you."

2021 Quemao Class | Finals


1. Lionel Medina
2. Pablo Lecouey
3. Aitor Ojeda
4. Armides Soliveres


1. Natxo Gonzalez
2. Marc Lacomare
3. Tim Elter
4. Hugo Ortega

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