Lucas Nogueira claims the Sintra Portugal Pro 2013

September 1, 2013 | Bodyboarding

Lucas Nogueira: the winning backflip

Lucas Nogueira has won the Sintra Portugal Pro 2013, at Praia Grande.

The Brazilian bodyboarder defeated former world bodyboarding champion Pierre-Louis Costes by a super tight margin. Only 0.1 points gave Nogueira the important win in this Global Qualifying Series (GQS) event.

Costes, who lives and trains in Portugal, was in control of the final heat until the last minute. At buzzer beater, Lucas Nogueira's huge backflip was enough to overcome the French rider.

The Brazilian, who saw himself in combo land during the final of the Sintra Portugal Pro 2013, was able to beat the backflip master in front of a packed beach.

"This win get's me into the top of the GQS rankings, so I think I'm going to be in the top 24 next year. And that's fine because my ultimate ambition is to fight for a world title", says Lucas Nogueira.

Dave Hubbard managed to win the Drop-Knee division, against the all-round bodyboarder Sacha Specker, from South Africa. In the last wave, the Hawaiian rode stand-up with fins in his hands. Showtime.

Isabela Sousa, the experienced rider from the Brazilian region of Ceara, defeated Sari Ohara, from Japan, in the Women's division of the Sintra Portugal Pro 2013.

Sintra Portugal Pro 2013 Men's Final
1. Lucas Nogueira, 15.6
2. Pierre-Louis Costes, 15.5

Sintra Portugal Pro 2013 Women's Final
1. Isabela Sousa, 15.65
2. Sari Ohara, 12.25

Sintra Portugal Pro 2013 Drop-Knee Final
1. Dave Hubbard, 14.00
2. Sacha Specker, 13.25

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