Magno Oliveira is the Latin American bodyboarding champion

November 1, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Magno Oliveira: Latin campeon

The Women’s Title and “Dropknee” category could be earned early this weekend when the top ranking leaders face each other at the 2010 BPF.

The second day of the Bodyboard Pro Festival was filled of excitement when Magno Oliveira from Brazil earned the 2010 IBA Latin American Championship in the Open Category.

Oliveira finished in second place in the 19th heat of the competition when he advanced to the 8th final’s earning enough points to win the Latin American Championship. He had won the same title in 2009.

“This result has a special meaning to me since it’s my second Latin American Title. It’s the result of a lot of hard work. An effort of several years now. I am very happy with this win “ the Brazilean Athlete said.

Wave conditions were not the best he said. I hope the waves improve for this Saturday thus allowing to me to show better surfing, and advancing to the finals.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Sergio Alonso gave and outstanding performance also. He made things look easy while advancing to the 8th finals. On the “Dropknee” category, he also showed his talent when earning an excellent score. David Velásquez, Alberto Colucci, José Cristiano and Jhony Díaz, all Venezuelan’s, gave excellent performances.

During the first round of the women’s category, the Venezuelan Izamar Vivas, American Monica Dunn, and Brazileans Maira Viana and Tatatiane Meneses showed their best maneuvers while wining their heats. The best female competitors, seeded by the tournament will challenge all of them this Saturday.

Interesting duels will take place when competitor against competitor face each other on the direct elimination heats. Competitors like Sergio Alonso and Hawaian Dave Hubbard will challenge each other. Venezuelan Alejandro Hernandez and Magno Oliveira will do the same.

In the womens category, Brazilean Isabella Sousa will go against the Venezuelan Begoña Martinez. Duels like the Natasha Sagardia and Venezuelan Isbelia Valdivieso will also take place. The competition will become fierce when Lumar Guittard and Yuleiner Gonzalez, both Venezuelan face each other. The Portuguese Catarina Sousa and the Venezuelan Izamar Vivas will also challenge each other when the direct elimination format takes place.

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