Magno Passos: riding a 45-foot wave at Jaws | Photo: Cuda Shots

Magno Passos has ridden one of the biggest waves in bodyboarding history. On January 15, 2016, the Brazilian caught a 45-foot bomb at Jaws/Peahi.

You could easily say that bodyboarders have an advantage over surfers. They can use their hands to paddle for waves, and they can also use their fins to boost them into the largest sets.

Fair enough. But that doesn't mean you're ready for big waves.

Magno Passos is. At least his headspace. The professional bodyboarder relocated to Maui one year ago, and he hasn't regretted his decision since.

This time, the 31-year-old didn't need a jet ski. Despite the fear, he chose the right take-off position and aligned his mindset with Jaws.

Magno Passos: he lost his left fin riding this wave | Photo: Lynton Productions

Passos had no inflatable life vest and no jet ski rescue team. To make things even worse, he lost a fin when paddling for "the" wave.

"I lost my fins when I was halfway down the face of the wave, and I almost lost control of my board," wrote Magno Passos.

"For me, it was a miracle not to have the lip hit my legs or my back; it could've broken me in half. Thank you, God, that sent his angels and made me ride the wave all the way until the end."

The Brazilian rider from Espírito Santo believes bodyboards can be adapted to surf XXL waves.

And he admits he might try his luck in the unexplored world of big wave bodyboarding. Watch Magno Passos paddling out at Jaws at 3:21.

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