Major upsets at The Box Pro 2012

March 29, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Damian King: unlucky dude at The Box Pro

Pristine bodyboarding waves rolled in over The Box Pro, in Margaret River, Australia, as three major upsets stormed Round 3 of competition.

Reigning world champion, Pierre-Louis Costes from France, the current tour leader, Jeff Hubbard from Hawaii, and winner of the Trials, two-times world champion, Damian King, came third and were knocked out of the contest.

Round 3, in the new showdown format, is a three-man heat and third place means your hope of victory is extinguished. Ryan Hardy caught one of the biggest waves of the day, and set up for the barrel with a forward spin. He is through to the non-elimination round.

Jeff Hubbard, the creator of the new format, fell to his own sword and illustrated the importance of maintaining a high a level of riding throughout the early rounds under the new format.

In Round 4, pro bodyboarders have the chance to secure a ticket into the quarterfinals. The Australian fleet is commanding The Box Pro, but everything can happen.

Mark McCarthy, Jared Houston, Magno Passos, Jacob Romero and Alex Uranga have hopes of taking dessert in the enemy's field. The bodyboarder who performs the most progressive move in Round 4 will receive a cash prize, sponsored by Freedom Fins, for their performance.

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