Manny Vargas boosts the Cabo Freak Fest 2014

June 25, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Los Cabos: a shorebreak heaven

The iconic bodyboarding messiah Manny Vargas is putting out the Cabo Freak Fest 2014, at Los Cabos, in Mexico.

Have you ever dreamed of exchanging waves with world bodyboarding champions in a surf paradise? Manny V will make that dream come true, in Cabo San Lucas.

Jeff and David Hubbard will be riding La Bocana and Lovers' Shorebreak with those willing to pay $749 to enjoy five days in Baja California.

Transportation, accommodation, welcome dinner, sunset cruise, award ceremony, tour guide, video and photo coverage, bodyboarding tips, and goodies are included in the Cabo Freak Fest 2014 package.

"We are including at least one or two covert operations to hunt for empty waves with only our crew. We've commissioned the infamous Damian Davila to come down and document every single breathing bodyboard session that goes down," explains Manny Vargas.

The Cabo Freak Fest 2014 will run between 7th-12th August, 2014.