Manny Vargas joins the Free Surf World Tour

January 8, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Bodyboarding: fans will judge riders | Photo: Fronton King

Former IBA World Tour commentator and bodyboarding entrepreneur Manny Vargas has joined the newly-founded Free Surf World Tour, alongside multiple world-class riders.

The Free Surf World Tour (FSWT), founded by Liam O'Toole, is ready to go. Manny Vargas is in the boat, and the first event will run in Europe with the likes of Amaury Lavernhe, Pierre-Louis Costes, Diego Cabrera, Alex Uranga, and many more.

The new bodyboarding circuit will not compete directly with the APB World Tour. The whole format puts fans in the judging tower by allowing them to cast their opinion on who they think is the best free surfer on the planet.

"We have very basic guidelines/rules to the event, which are that we designate each event to run in a particular region and that the athletes capture their surfing in that region over a month period," O'Toole told

"In the FSWT, every rider in the event gets a piece of the pie. We, as the general public, pay $4.99 to vote for our favourite rider in the event. The rider you vote for automatically gets $2.00 of this donation."

"The other $2.00 goes into the prize pool to be presented to the winner on a Happy Gilmore style cheque. The remaining 0.99c goes to transaction fees and administration costs. This system combines the best of bodyboarding and crowd funding."

Manny Vargas will be involved in commentary in all 2015 events, and will also add his expert opinion on who he believes is the best free surfer on earth.

The first Free Surf World Tour legs are ready to run in Europe (Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Islas Canarias). There are five wildcard entries available for those willing to try it out.