Manny Vargas leaves the IBA commentators' booth

September 22, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Manny Vargas: he owned the commentators' booth

Manny Vargas will not be throwing off his good humor at the commentators' booth for the last three events of the 2012 IBA World Tour.

Manny V has published a YouTube video in which he explains that he will not be commentating the riders' waves in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Gran Canaria.

"Unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, I will not be attending the last three events on the 2012 IBA World Tour. I apologize my fans and all the viewers", says Manny Vargas, from a San Diego office.

The iconic commentator goes on thanking everyone at the IBA World Tour. The crew, the organization, the brands, the judges, the riders and all professionals involved in the world events.

"I've got more time on my hands now to put together my bodyboarding tours, a couple of freak fests, surf and bodyboard trips to Indo

Contract issues are behind the suspension of the collaboration of Manny V with the IBA World Tour. It is not certain that he will return in 2013.