Manny Vargas leaves the IBA World Tour for SUPer job

March 12, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Manny Vargas: preparing for a SUPer new job

Manny Vargas has decided to leave the IBA World Tour commentary booth for a full-time position at Creed SUP.

The world bodyboarding community is recovering from the fact that Manny Vargas won't be spreading the stoke, during the IBA World Tour event boradcasts. His voice and enthusiasm will no longer be heard in bodyboarding contests.

"Bodyboarders reading this are probably wondering what's that mean for my commentating gig on the IBA World Tour. Well, never say never. But because this is a real job, I will have to go through the appropriate channels to try to get the time off", Manny Vargas wrote on his blog.

"I will miss all my friends on the tour, the riders that I'm so proud of and the awesome crazy bodyboarding fans out there. Now, I will be watching the race for the title from this side of the camera".

"My new boss, Randy, has more business knowledge than can ever imagine obtaining myself. What does that mean? Well for me, I get a monthly paycheck that'll make me and my wife happy", Vargas added.

Manny Vargas was born and raised in Imperial Beach, California. Between 2000 and 2002, he was the editor-in-chief of Bodyboarding Magazine. Vargas organized surf trips, became a surf photographer and served the IBA World as lead commentator.

He had left the commentary booth in September 2012, but returned for the end of the 2012 IBA World Tour season and the 2013 GoPro Pipe Challenge.

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