Manta: still crazy after all this years

Manta, the iconic Australian bodyboard brand, is celebrating 25 years old. It all started out in Cronulla in November 1985.

Rapidly, Manta started pushing innovative designs built for the waves in the local area, which included the infamous Shark Island.

Since then, the brand has sponsored some of the sport's best riders, including Ross Hawke, Doug Robson, Dave Ballard, Tim Jones, Adam “Wingnut” Smith, Michael “Eppo” Epplestun, Paul Roach, Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Andrew Lester, and John Showell.

To celebrate Manta’s 25th anniversary, the brand offered a special “Silver Series” custom board.

The winner is Ian Macdonald.

Ian's froth for his old Pro Hawke, and the pics got him over the line. Ian will have a new Pro Hawke heading his way.

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