Manuel Centeno crowned 2011 Portuguese bodyboarding champion

December 18, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Manuel Centeno: he has won everything

Manuel Centeno is the new Portuguese bodyboarding champion, after reaching the semifinals of the Carcavelos Pro 2011, held in the south of Portugal.

In the beginning of the decisive event, there were several national title contenders: Manuel Centeno, Gastão Entrudo, Jaime Jesus, Hugo Pinheiro and Filipe "Cabrela" Raposo could be crowned the Portuguese bodyboarding champion.

After the two days of wave riding and heats, the last two bodyboarders had lost their hopes. "It was tough to lose today, but with these ocean conditions and great barrels, the luckiest rider wins. I've surfed what I could in my waves but it was not enough", said the experienced Hugo Pinheiro.

Filipe "Cabrela" Raposo, 24, is the new bodyboarding promise from Ericeira and is looking forward to the next year's nationals. "It was a great season. I lost because of my inexperience and not because I've surfed less than my opponents. I've learned a lot and I know what I've got to change: to evolve tactically and to improve my left handers", said Raposo.

Manuel Centeno is one of the most experienced Portuguese bodyboarders. The rider from Porto has already won the European and World bodyboarding titles. The 31 year old bodyboarder is an architect.

In the Women's division, Rita Pires has conquered an unprecedented 13th Portuguese bodyboarding title, after beating Teresa Duarte in the critical heat.

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