Marcus Biju: he was an experienced bodyboarder and bodysurfer | Photo: Biju Archive

Marcus Biju, an experienced bodyboarder and bodysurfer, lost his life at Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The body of the Brazilian "Barrel Hunter," as he was known for, was found unconscious, floating in the water at Pipeline on Thursday morning.

The accident took place at 7:30 am, which meant lifeguards were still not on duty at Ehukai Beach Park. It's not known exactly what caused his death.

However, Biju could've hit the reef with his head before losing consciousness and drowning. The surf at the time was three to five feet.

Beachgoers and surfers pulled Biju from the water and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until the paramedics arrived and transported him to the Kahuku Medical Center.

"We lost a brother, friend, and one of the biggest wave barrel lovers I have ever met. His joyful spirit and contagious positive vibes will remain in our hearts forever," said lifeguard and former world bodyboarding champion Guilherme Tâmega.

"Biju will be missed by his friends and so many others who have had the opportunity to meet him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Silva's family."

Biju, "The Barrelholic"

Biju will be remembered for his infectious smile and addiction to tube riding, even in small waves. He was always spreading positive messages, in and out of the water, and ready to help others.

"Rest in love, my friend. Your aloha will remain among all of us forever. A Pipeline charger is gone but never forgotten. Mahalo!" expressed Claudia Ferrari, the 1995 world bodyboarding champion.

"I don't even know what to say. I'm speechless. He was always the nicest person in the lineup, telling you how sick your last wave was, and just such a positive dude," added Kalani David.

Marcus Biju has always stated that the "ocean is my planet and soul mate. I can't describe myself any better than a barrel chaser freak and an adrenaline junkie."

Pat Caldwell, one of bodyboarding's dearest legends, has a funny story about Biju.

"I was out at Sandy's recently shell diving, and it was literally flat. I look up, and Marcus is entering the water with camera in mouth," Caldwell wrote on the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors/Collective group on Facebook.

"Thirty minutes later, after paddling for numerous waves and not riding one, he paddled in and walked up the beach. His dedication and passion were second to none in our sport. He will be deeply missed."

Pipeline is one of the most challenging and dangerous waves on the planet, even for veteran athletes, photographers, and videographers.

The reef break has already claimed the lives of several surfers, including Andy Chuda, Travis Musselman, Moto Watanabe, Jon Mozo, Malik Joyeux, Joaquin Velilla, and Joshua Nakata.

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