Mark McCarthy takes the West Coast Classic

August 9, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Mark McCarthy: he won it all

The weather that was predicted had arrived with a vengeance on the morning of the finals. All contestants met at Bones at 7am to make a call whether to run the contest or to hold off and surf the huge swell that was predicted for Monday.

The decision was made to surf the remaining 7 final heats at Bones. The waves were still very contestable but with a side shore wind that was getting stronger by the minute it was decided that the Junior and Pro final should be run first followed by the remaining other divisions. Waves were in the 3-5ft range with the wind conditions making wave choice a huge part in the finalists approach to winning their respective final heats.

Highlights from the final day was Mathew Webster winning his first SABA dropknee title. He erupted in howling hoots on the announcement of his win at prize giving.

Mark McCarthy backed up his previous days riding with another impressive display of combination manoeuvres to be crowned the REEF/ KUMBA IRON ORE West Coast Classic Pro champion and Josh Kleve, newcomer to the Mens division also won his first SABA title in a close battle between fellow capetonian David Lillienfeld.

Storm Prestwich again showed his class in difficult wave conditions and surfed his way into 1st place in the highly competitive Juniors division.

A huge thanks must go out to Boland Bodyboarding for organising an amazing event and the all important Reef Wetsuits, Kumba Iron Ore, Powerband, Coca Cola, Powerade, Bonaqua and Glider Sunglasses for their support in sponsoring the West Coast Classic.

Grand Masters
1st Marcel Habets
2nd Len Bradford

1st Gerrit Hitge
2nd Riaan Du Preez
3rd Lee Moran
4th Marcel Habets
5th Len Bradford

1st Josh Kleve
2nd David Lillienfeld
3rd Ruan De Bruin
4th Mathew Webster

1st Janneke De Kock
2nd Nikki Gericke

1st Niklas Martin
2nd Tristin Roberts
3rd Ethan Koopmans
4th Micky Gomes

1st Mathew Webster
2nd Josh Kleve
3rd Darren Halse
4th Reinhardt Du Toit

1st Strom Prestwich
2nd Andrew Raath
3rd Mat Fowle
4th Stephen Du Preez

1st Mark McCarthy
2nd Darren Halse
3rd Adam Morley
4th Simon Halse

Wave of the contest: Mark McCarthy

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