Mark McCarthy wins the 2010 Confital Pro

December 10, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Mark McCarthy: hola title!

Mark McCarthy has conquered the 2010 Confital IBA Pro, in the Canary Islands, Spain. The South African pro bodyboarder took the last of the 2010 IBA World Tour in near-perfect surfing conditions.

His performance in the final heat was also quasi perfect. McCarthy secured 19.50 points out of a possible 20 defeating Eder Luciano (15.80), Ryan Hardy (15,75) and Guilherme Tâmega (14.90). The South African rider confirmed two tube rides to easily win the event at Confital.

The waves were really great for the final and the Spanish spectators gathered in large number for an incredible contest. Chiaki Okuyama stormed the Women's division by scoring a Perfect 10 inside an endless barrel.

In the Drop-Knee final, Dave Winchester simply exploded with two Perfect-10s to took the crown with an overall score of 20 points.

2010 Confital IBA Pro | Results


Mark McCarthy, South Africa, 19.50
Eder Luciano, Brazil, 15.80
Ryan Hardy, Australia, 15.75
Guilherme Tamega, Brazil, 14.90


Chiaki Okuyama, Japan, 16.75
Natasha Sagardia, Puerto Rico, 15.05
Neymara Carvalho, Brazil, 13.00
Eunate Aguirre, Spain, 8.50


Dave Winchester, Australia, 20.00
Cesar Bauer, Peru, 17.50
Ardiel Jimenez, Canary Island, 8.60
Amaury Laverhne, Reunion Island, 5.26

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