Maxime Castillo builds riding skills in Pipeline

June 27, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Maxime Castillo: fast and talented

Maxime Castillo has released a documentary on his bodyboarding winter season at Pipeline, on the Oahu's North Shore.

Perfect classic Pipe barrels. What else could a French wave rider ask for? While the weather and wave conditions were ugly back in the land of croissants, the Hawaiian jewel was pumping glassy tubes.

Castillo traveled with his friends from the Ocean Roots, a surf club headquartered at Arcachon, in the southwest France. They've witnessed Ben Player's grand victory at the Pipe Pro 2014, and got inspired to improve their performance.

The group explored all Oahu has to offer. The West Coast, the infamous shore breaks, the Waikiki foam surf, bodysurfing activities, cliff diving and Waimea Bay. Even Amaury Lavernhe joins the party for a couple of beers.

"After this season in Hawaii, it's going to be time for me to find new partners, who will hopefully help me live my dream and give me the opportunity to keep on competing on the different stops of the world tour to try always to go further," says Maxime Castillo.

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