Maylla Venturin stands out at the Bodyboarding Pro Festival 2009 in Venezuela

October 24, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding Pro Festival 2009

Parguito Beach in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, received today the first day of competition of the Bodyboarding Pro Festival 2009.

The event is an IBA woman and Drop Knee sanctioned event and distribute 1000 points on both divisions.

The waves were small with 0,5 meter with on shore winds. The first division to enter the water was the Men Open that counts points for the Latin American ranking. After, the first round of woman challenged the small waves at Parguito beach.

The standout and best score of the day was Brazilian Maylla Venturin. Maylla scored over 15 points and advanced to round 2.

“The waves are very small and we need to have a lot of luck to find a good set. I could fortunately find 2 solid waves that helped me advanced to the next round.”

The schedule for this Saturday is to have the 2nd round of woman inside the water, along with Drop Knee(1st round) and 2nd round men.

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