Hubb Lite Edition Boog Mat: an inflatable bodyboard available in four sizes | Photo: Hubboards

Would you ever give an inflatable bodyboard a go? Open your mind to a new way of enjoying the boogie board.

Whether we're talking about a stand-up paddleboard, surfboard, or windSUP, the truth is that inflatable boards are conquering a relevant slice of the boardsports market.

Hubboards, the company founded and run by Jeff and Dave Hubbard, has been quietly entering the bodyboarding scene with a growing range of products, including bodyboards, fins, leashes, clothing, board bags, and even wetsuits.

Recently, the Hawaiian brand launched an innovative inflatable bodyboard crafted with durable drop-stitch technology.

This little "toy" comes with a pump and can be fully inflated in 20 seconds. The brothers named it "Hubb Lite Edition Boog Mat."

It is available in four sizes - XXL (45"), large (42"), medium (41") and small (37"), and retails at between $135.99 and $185.99.

The XXL model is a slightly different concept. It features three comfortable and specifically placed handles that will allow for tandem bodyboarding.

Despite having passed the Pipeline test, the "Boog Mat" was designed for having fun, not for high-performance wave riding.

Interestingly, you can control the board's stiffness and flexibility by adjusting the air pressure.

While it is the perfect beginner board for children, it might also be an exciting way of reconnecting with the sport after many years spent on the beach watching others enjoying wave after wave.

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