Michael Novy: driving inside The Right

Michael Novy has had one of the best months of his career. In April, the rider from the Central Coast won the Inverted Bodyboarding Dbah Pro and the inaugural Nomad Big Wave Awards.

The winner of the "Biggest Wave" award rode a massive barrel at The Right in Western Australia. He was towed into the beast by Damien Martin.

"After riding a bodyboard for 15 or 20 years, I really felt a passion for trying to chase bigger waves. This was my first session at The Right, and I hadn't really wanted to do that much," said Michael Novy.

"It looks like a pretty intimidating wave, but without thinking too much, I booked the flight and went over."

"I felt so deep. I was actually looking at how to get out of it. It was probably the best wave I've had in my life."

Chris James, Damien Martin, Davis Blackwell, Lewi Finnegan, Sam Thomas, and Seamus McGoldrick were some of the riders who made it to the final stages of the 2016 ABA Tour Big Wave Awards.

Novy took home $2,000.

"The line he draws from behind the peak is what sets Novy's wave apart. That's where everyone wants to be, but it's almost the most risky," underlines Jase Finlay, one of the event's judges.

2016 Nomad Big Wave Awards presented by ABA Tour | Winners

Biggest Wave: Michael Novy
Filmer of Biggest Wave: James Strickland
Best Wipeout: Damien Martin

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