Mike Stewart: a bodysurfing master | Photo: McKenna/TRVL Surf

Mike Stewart is one of the most complete watermen on Earth. However, many don't know that the bodyboarding legend is also a prolific bodysurfer.

Bodysurfing is the art of riding waves with the human body.

Mike Stewart says, "It's probably the original form of wave riding."

No boards, no leashes, no gear - it's just you and Nature.

"A lot of times in life, things get so complicated. There are so many aspects; there are more and more things. It's a constant information overload with everything."

"To me, when you go bodysurfing, it's a way of simplifying everything," reveals Stewart.

Fourteen World Bodysurfing Titles

The multiple-time world bodyboarding champion is a well-known bodysurfer.

Stewart has been fine-tuning his technique in Hawaii for decades and has won all 14 world bodysurfing titles.

"It's just you and the wave and the experience. The visuals that you get are pretty sensational."

"Just diving through the waves without having to worry about anything. It's something you can't do with boards."

"Basically, it's just your fins - sometimes not even your fins - you and the waves. The sensation is pretty amazing. It's pure and simple."

As a bodysurfer, Mike Stewart has ridden waves of consequence in the most challenging conditions: The Wedge (Newport Beach), Teahupoo (Tahiti), and Pipeline (Oahu).

If you've never tried it, grab a pair of swim fins and go for it. It's the ultimate wave-riding experience.

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