Mike Stewart confirmed in the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition

November 8, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart was the big presence announced today in the official presentation of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition. With nine world titles, the athlete is considered one of the most important athletes of all times and he is still active in the world circuit, where he has nowadays the fourth position and chances to be world champion.

Mike Stewart is one of the bodyboarders that most contributed to the evolution of the modality and has already been considered by “Surfer” magazine as one of the fifty most influent surfers in waves’ sports history. In a brief interview presented by the organization, Mike Stewart said to be “anxious to be present in a competition with such intense waves”.

Besides the presence of the renowned world circuit athlete, José Otavio is also confirmed. The Brazilian big rider, the first to execute a 720° reverse air spinner caught on tape, revealed in a interview presented by the organization, to be “anxious to take part in one of the best events ever seen in Europe” and that “the expectation is very big”.

Guilherme Tâmega is the confirmed absence of this competition. The athlete, who has nowadays the fifth position on IBA’s ranking, revealed his sadness for not being able to participate in this edition. In an interview given to the organization, Guilherme Tâmega said that “it is frustrating not being able to be in such a imponent competition” and reinforced his desire to be present in future editions.

In a strategy that tries to increase the local nature of this competition, the organization decided to give this place to another local athlete, Luís “Ben” Coelho. The athlete voted by the community, João Pinheiro, was also known today. With more than 800 hundred votes, João Pinheiro is the big winner of a votation that had more than 3250 votes during a week.

The four announced names complete the athletes’ list of Sumol Nazaré Special Edition and join to Luís “Porkito” Pereira, Ricardo Faustino, Bernardo Alvim, João André Magoito, Fábio Laureano, Jaime Jesus, Rui Ferreira and Rui Pereira. Paulinho Costa, António Cardoso, Gastão Entrudo, Hugo Pinheiro, Ivo Mochacho and Dino Carmo are the athletes that complete the list and join to Manuel Centeno and the French Pierre-Louis Costes.

The formula couldn’t be more unique and special: twenty of the best national and international BB athletes are convoked to confront the famous waves of Praia do Norte, which is considered the queen wave in Nazaré and one of the most respected in the whole world.

The unique size and force of these famous waves, which easily go to six meters high, is the visit card of a competition that has changed the way of looking Bodyboard. The waiting period is between November 10-29th.

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